Elimination of the competitor with Phone&Email flood


- If for any reason (technical failure, etc.), the work on your order will be interrupted, then we have 24 hours from the time the complaint is received to conduct analytical activities to identify the source of the problem and technical work to eliminate it and to recover without any claims (complaints, blacks, money backs, etc.) from your side.
- Downtime will be added to the order of time.
- The period until we receive a complaint from you is considered spent and money for it will not be returned.
- If the attacked subscriber protects or performs some other actions that require more power (more streams) or another method of attack, there are several solutions:
a) You pay for the resulting deficit in the initial working budget.
b) We increase the capacity of the work carried out by reducing the time they are needed.
c) We recalculate and for the remaining term you can set other numbers.
- About all adjustments made to order and about time periods that are especially important for your purposes, you must inform us in 24 hours and not less than 12 hours. Otherwise, we do not guarantee timely adjustments to the components of the order and additional technical support necessary in such situations to minimize the occurrence of force majeure circumstances that may affect the work progress and its effectiveness. Otherwise, the performer is not liable.
- If you decide to interrupt the work on the order until the end of the paid period and return the money for the remaining period, period will be recalculated. An additional commission of 15% will be deducted from the resulting balance for early termination of the contract..
- For a full, timely and as successful as possible carrying out the necessary technical measures, the customer is obliged to notify the contractor about the need to organize such services and the factors that are critical in planning, organizing and implementing the necessary technical measures in at least 24 hours. Otherwise, the performer does not assume additional responsibility for the decrease in overall efficiency.
- The contract is considered to be concluded from the moment of receipt of the full payment for the specified payment details for services and is valid until its expiration
- Claims are submitted and considered in the manner and within the time limits established by the Rules.

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